Generic Name: Methenolone
Often called: Primo, Bolli, Bolan
Manufacturer: Schering
Androgenic / Anabolic Ratio: 88/44-57

Methenolone’s chemical formula is C20H30O2

Primobolan is a Dihydroboldenone derivative and also as such can not aromatize in to estrogen.

Primobolan is both by mouth active and also able to be injected intramuscularly.

Methenolone is based in Dihydroboldenone (DHB) and even includes a 2: 1 anabolic: androgenic ratio, meaning it’s twice as effective at building muscle mass as it is at making a man out of an individual.

Located in it’s oral version Primobolan is Methenolone Acetate. Oral Primobolan is some of the few oral steroids which doesn’t have issues with liver toxicity. this is due to the fact which oral Primobolan is not 17-alkylated. It’s in all actuality the actual same methylated ester which Proviron has, simply a much even more anabolic substance at the actual some other end of the ester.

Oral primobolan is in relation to half as potent as injected, so dosage probably would need to end up being higher for oral, some possess advised dosages within the 100-300mg per day range. At which price tag range, you’re either rather well off or perhaps a professional athlete, given that primobolan is simply not cheap within any regards.

Since Primobolan tablets are often fairly pricey, and also with just how much you have to take, Primobolan is just not a poor man’s steroid as a result of any measure. Having said that in the event your health is significant to you, and also it probably should become, the particular price tag totally makes sense.

it really is significant to note that Testosterone suppression happens having primobolan, a dose as low as just 25mg (which is too low to receive real results from anyway) could all cause your own personal body’s all natural testosterone construction to drop by means of half, Primobolan is usually a VERY BAD BRIDGING STEROID! seriously, use something else.

By using Primobolan you will be trading the bit higher price tag than testosterone for increased safety, considering that Primobolan is generally higher priced than testesterone or even deca, however not alongside an lot and therefore the extra safety and even precision are actually well worth the actual increased deal.